Auzat La Combelle (63)

Compaction control, TV inspection and waterproofing tests

Project owner : Ville d’Auzat La Combelle

Project manager : Auvergne Etudes

Company : Chevalier TP

Sol Solution carried out inspections of new sewage networks as part of a project receiving subsidies from the water agency, subject to inspection by a COFRAC-accredited body.

We carried out the following services:

  • Compaction checks (23 U.) on the entire wastewater network (in accordance with standard NF P 94105)
  • Televisual inspection of wastewater and stormwater collectors (840 ml) and connections (40 U) (in accordance with standard NF EN 13508-2+A1)
  • Leakage tests on sewers (420 ml), connections (20 U), manholes (7 U) and connection boxes (20 U) (in accordance with standard NF EN 1610)
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