Discover the geotechnical environment and all that is involved in a soil investigation, particularly in the field of individual houses and the ELAN law.

Learn how to use penetrometric data in this context and to estimate the bearing capacity of the soil for foundations.

You will see the normative framework of geotechnical studies, the available data, the notion of ZIG (Geotechnical Influence Zone), in situ and laboratory investigations and how to conclude on the constructive devices according to your results.

You will also learn about the RGA (Shrinkage-Swelling of Clay) in order to understand how it works and its impact on structures and to know how to identify it.

You will (re)discover how to carry out a penetrometric test (PANDA®, GRIZZLY® or e-KODIAK®) as well as how to process and interpret the data to be integrated into geotechnical studies.

You already have some knowledge of geotechnics, but you need to go further? We also offer more expert training courses during which we can cover the analysis and interpretation of pressuremeter tests, the calculation of soil bearing capacity and settlements using a dynamic penetrometer and the design of foundations.

You will also be able to work on concrete cases of construction sites that you have encountered.

Do not hesitate to contact us to elaborate together a program that meets your needs.

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