Would you like to start carrying out laboratory tests on soil samples taken on site? This training course will give you all the keys to start.

You will learn about the different characteristics of a soil and the laboratory tests that allow them to be evaluated (within the normative framework): water content, granulometry, VBS (Soil Blue Value), Atterberg limits or Proctor test. You will learn how to use the results to classify soils according to the GTR standard (NF P 11-300).

You will practice grading and VBS tests on already prepared samples.

  • The granulometry allows you to evaluate the proportion of the different sizes of elements constituting a soil.
  • The VBS allows you to know the sensitivity of a soil to water and to deduce its susceptibility to RGA (Shrinkage-Swelling of Clay).

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more about certain laboratory tests: Atterberg limits, Proctor, sedimentology, etc.

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