Refuge – Motorway A48 (38)

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Project owner : AREA

Project manager : INGEROP

Company : CARRON SAS

The project involves building a motorway refuge along the A48 near SAINT-JEAN DE MOIRANS (38). The retaining structure is located between an old motorway embankment (with poor mechanical properties) and the flow of a downstream watercourse.

The structure was backfilled with 0/63 gravel. The structure rests on soil with very low load-bearing capacity, and needs to be designed under a combination of obligatory seismic actions. Sol Solution therefore carried out additional measurements of this bearing capacity in the area of the structure before any work began, in order to ensure that the assumptions made in the G3 design mission were correct.

On the front face, a vegetated structure was stapled directly to the front of the M3S® honeycomb sheets forming the reinforced soil support.

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