La Prétière excavation (25)

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Project owner : SNCF RESEAU

Project manager : SNCF RESEAU (PI Strasbourg)

Company : CLIMENT TP

The project involves repairing a landslide on an embankment overlooking a railway line in the commune of LA PRETIERE (25). A road at the head of the slope was also repaired. A mass of soil reinforced with M3S® alveolar geotextiles was created as an abutment at the foot of all the structures.

The structure is backfilled with 0/31.5 gravel. It rests on an old masonry wall bordering the railway line. The head of the embankment was reshaped to a 3H/2V slope and planted with vegetation. The portability of the reinforcements (less than 10 kg per honeycomb sheet) and the speed with which they can be deployed (mass and facing) meant that the work could be carried out quickly in the field, without affecting traffic.

On the front face, a protective geosynthetic was deployed by stapling and pinning within the M3S® bed.

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