Determination of the depth of the interface between aeolian sand and the cemented sand of the Gilbraltar rock

Project owner : Edmond NUTTAL (UK)

The Rock of Gibraltar, on the Mediterranean side, had a slope lined with metal sheets used to collect rainwater.

Before removing these metal sheets and nailing them in place perpendicularly, the aim was to define the thickness of the wind-blown sand, which had accumulated over time to a considerable thickness (around 3 to 5 metres), and was slightly cemented against the rock face (consolidation at the equilibrium limit).

The Panda®, used over the entire surface (operator secured by abseiling) gave complete satisfaction in terms of the expected results, and thus made it possible to determine the interface between this cemented sand and the natural sand making up this slope.

The correlation between Panda® and undrained Cu cohesion also gave an idea of the slope’s stability.

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