Clermont-Ferrand (63)

Pile impedance integrity tests

Client : SGC Travaux spéciaux

Project owner : MICHELIN

Sol Solution was commissioned by the company SGC Travaux Spéciaux based in Sainte Foy l’Argentière (69) to carry out impedance tests on piles on the site of the “New Reception Building” for the company MICHELIN in Clermont Ferrand (63).

The tests were carried out in accordance with standard NF P 94-160-4. The piles had diameters of between 520 mm and 620 mm and lengths of between 7.9 m and 9.4 m. The aim was to check the length and continuity of the shaft of the piles, as well as the quality of the anchoring.

The test involves striking the centre of the pile head with a hammer fitted with a force sensor. The return of the mechanical wave, which propagates along the pile, is then measured using a geophone placed on the periphery of the pile head.

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