Left bank of the Rhône and Grand Rhône dykes: Geotechnical reconnaissance of the watertight mask of the reinforced dykes

Surveys and geotechnical tests on dykes in the Rhône delta

Project owner : SYMADREM

The aim of these surveys was to estimate the resistance to erosion of the watertight masks of the reinforced dykes using core sampling.

Core sampling was therefore carried out in the watertight masks of the “invariant” and “Plan Rhône” dykes, with intact samples taken and laboratory tests carried out.

The coring was carried out over the entire height of the alluvial borehole, in order to obtain all the samples intact under a PVC sheath. The samples taken were sent to the Sol Solution laboratory for identification and mechanical testing. At the end of the works, these boreholes were completely filled in with clay balls.

The location, depth and inclination of the boreholes were determined in such a way as to take a sample that was as representative as possible of the core of the watertight mask, while impacting the watertight mask as little as possible.

The frequency was 1 borehole approximately every 500 m.

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