Sol Solution offers you several long-term rental deals for the PANDA® dynamic penetrometer.

Take advantage of the latest generation equipment and numerous services:

  • Websprint© licences: online application to manage, process and interpret your data as well as to edit your test reports with remote assistance.
  • Annual maintenance: calibration and verification of equipment every year, including return transport
  • Technical assistance and repair D+1: telephone assistance and dispatch of replacement equipment within 24 hours if necessary
  • Insurance included: theft and accidental damage on storage premises (excluding vehicles)
  • Extended warranty: for the entire duration of the contract for the Platinium and Platinium + packs
  • Discount on consumables: -15% for Platinium and Platinium + packs

With this solution, you can enjoy peace of mind and security for 4 years, in addition to your equipment.

Our leasing offers you an economical solution and an alternative to credit with predictable and controlled costs.

We favour use over ownership for greater peace of mind, flexibility and ease of management of your sites.

You can choose between several packs including additional equipment for the comfort of your employees in the field:

  • Stem puller
  • Threshing column
  • Lightweight electric threshing machine
  • Lithium battery for the threshing machine

What happens next?

Option 1: You start a new lease with new equipment and a pack of your choice
Option 2: You become the owner of your PANDA® and its possible options after payment of a final rent equivalent to 10% of the total amount of the pack.

Stay tuned