The shallow foundations module is now available on Websprint©!

This new Websprint© module allows you to geotechnically dimension a shallow foundation based on the results of your tests.

With Websprint© you can :

  • Define your calculation model: geographical, geological data and project facilities.
  • Enter your SLS and ULS loads.
  • Dimension shallow foundations using dynamic penetrometer soundings (PANDA®, GRIZZLY®).
  • Dimensioning shallow foundations in accordance with the Eurocode 7 application standard (NF P 94-261) using pressiometers, CPT(u) and the analytical method.
  • Carry out the additional checks in accordance with appendix F of EC8-5 for ULS-Seismic.
  • Easily duplicate, edit and parameterise a calculation model to compare different solutions.
  • Generate a test report with all input data and calculation assumptions as well as the results of the verification tables.

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