A year ago, in the midst of a pandemic and containment, Sol Solution announced the launch of a new option for its Grizzly®, the heavy dynamic constant energy penetrometer in a variable energy version.

This new option makes the Grizzly® dynamic penetrometer the first in the world to offer this performance and full automation. The intervention of a machine operator during the test is no longer necessary.

Sol Solution has succeeded in solving a need in geotechnical engineering, allowing a heavy dynamic penetrometer to provide fine measurements in soft or very soft soils and to automatically adapt to the resistance of the soils encountered during a borehole.

The Variable Energy Grizzly® is equipped with a series of sensors and electromagnetic systems to provide multiple energies (DPL, DPM, DPH and DPSH) by varying the head while maintaining the same hammering mass.

The first example was recently shipped to Ireland and several machines with this option are currently being marketed in France and around the world.

Stay tuned