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Our scheduled training courses

Inter-company: these courses take place on a date fixed by Sol Solution and are open to any company.

In person

Panda® compaction control - theory + practice (hardware and software)

In Riom (Puy-de-Dôme)

Session open from 1 registrant

Duration : 1 day

1 day FormationDates
Panda® compaction controlThursday 17 November 2022Pre registration


Take advantage of our video training courses on our geotechnical data analysis and processing tools to improve your efficiency and learn about the features that are useful for your business.

Our tools allow you to use your Panda®, Grizzly® and e-Kodiak® data for compaction control and soil investigation.

Use of Websprint© application and Geosprint© software 

From home, remotely

Session open from 2 registrants

Duration : 2h

1 day FormationDates (French hour)
Websprint© applicationWednesday 23 November 2022Pre registration

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