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M3S® Geotextile supports


Size and enlarge the works

Dimensioning of support walls


The M3S® process benefits from 20 years’ geotechnical engineering and process developments that off you support during all stages of your project, from design to works execution. We continually look for the technical solutions that best suit your project and reduce implementation costs.




Sol Solution supports project managers and businesses to ensure:

  • The dimensioning of works (in compliance with G3 – NF P 94-500)
  • The supply of M3S® mesh sheets 
  • The supply of cladding
  • Site support for the creation of teams for the companies in charge of deployment
  • One-off monitoring and works execution controls (excavation structure controls, compaction controls, laboratory characterisation of materials, etc.).



Sol Solution has all the skills of a geotechnical research centre. All computations are performed in house using modelling software (TALREN®, PLAXIS®, GEOSTAB®, K-REA®, etc.) making it possible to ensure that solutions comply with the project’s environmental and constraints (EUROCODE 7 and 8).

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