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Geotechnical surveys


Size superficial and deep fundations

Geotechnical Tasks

Sol Solution carries out all standardised geotechnical tasks NF P 94-500) from G1 to G5 (G1 ES/pgc, G2 avp/PRO, g3, G4 et G5),

Sol Solution intervenes at all stages of works from the preliminary project to delivery stage: choice of location, choice of foundation type, works dimensioning, diagnostics, expertise, quality control, drought analysis, implementation requirements, foundations follow-up and delivery.

These tasks are often covered by the term “soil survey” but by differentiating between them it is possible to provide a survey that is tailored to your specific project. The broadest task is the G2 AVP (G2 Preliminary Project), making it possible to pre-dimension foundations (type and depth) on the basis of the works’ projected plans.

There are multiple intervention areas: buildings, individual houses, building structures, landscaping, roadways, embankments, platforms, stability of rock slopes, support works, environment, soil pollution diagnostics (finding polluting elements), etc.

Sol Solution has the geotechnical skills to perform all these calculations using modelling software (TALREN®, PLAXIS®, GEOSTAB®, K-REA®, FOXTA®…) ensuring that the project complies with regulatory criteria (EUROCODE 7 and 8).

In addition, the Sol Solution soil survey department holds an OPQIBI certificate (Certified Engineering).


On site testing

The on site exploratory techniques used are surveys, (vertical or sloped) boring, coring, piezometers, (Lefranc and Lugeon) pumping trials, pressuremeters, penetrometers, establishing the permeability coefficient, panel bearing capacity testing.

These on site tests can be carried out using non destructive geophysical testing: SOL SOLUTION uses Cross-Hole and Down-Hole equipment that makes it possible to measure geotechnical parameters such as the Young module, but also to characterise soil in line with Eurocode 8 (VS30 mapping).

Sol Solution has internal boring and exploration equipment workshops that guarantee proper measurement in the field.

Laboratory Testing

Sol Solution has its own laboratory (soil identification testing, PROCTOR, CBR, triaxial, IPI, shear tests, oedometer tests, calcimeter tests). This in-house offer means we are able to guarantee excellent turn-around times and independent results.

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