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Earthworks diagnostics


Realize technical visits

In-depth technical visit

Sol Solution carries out regulatory in-depth technical tours of dams and dikes.

Since decree n°2007-1735 of 11 December 2007 amended by decree n°2015-526 of 12 May 2015, the owners and managers of seawalls and dams must carry out systematic and sustained inspection of hydraulic works.

Dam and dike surveys and diagnostics

The Minister for ecology, sustainable development and energy has accredited Sol Solution to carry out dam and small dike surveys and diagnostics.

By bringing together geotechnical, geophysical, hydraulic and hydrology skills we are able to respond to project managers’ needs: measuring slippage stability, surveying leaks, locating cavities, analysing seismic and internal erosion risks.

One of the main identified causes of embankment works breach is conduit erosion also known as “backward erosion piping”.

 Sol Solution now has an experimental tool and a set of calculation codes that make it possible to perform the Hole Erosion Test (HET) developed by the IRSTEA (National Institute for Science and Technology Research for the Environment and Agriculture). The HET makes it possible to establish soil susceptibility to internal erosion and speed of erosion. These data bring together information on embankment works by better managing the constituent materials.

This test for hydraulic works diagnostics rounds off Sol Solution’s competencies in laboratory technique (soil identification tests, PROCTOR, CBR, IPI, compression tests, oedometer tests).

Sol Solution is also able to carry out on-site extractions at the request of the client using its own coring methods.

These ad hoc investigations can be performed using non-destructive auscultation methods such as seismic refraction, electric panels and electromagnetic methods. These methods make it possible to examine empty spaces or areas of leakage within dams.


Water source standardisation surveys


Sol Solution performs geotechnical G1 to G5 technical studies for retention projects or the development of existing construction works: enlargement of spillways, construction of hydroelectric plants, instrumentation of dams and dikes with the introduction of piezometers.

In order to re-establish ecological continuity of the water source, Sol Solution carries out feasibility studies for water source standardisation.

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