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After-sales & maintenance


Provide assistance and troubleshooting

Anxious to guarantee the continuity of your worksites, reliable and up-to-date equipment and breakdown and assistance solutions, our team is at your side every day to help you operate your hardware and software with complete peace of mind.


Availability and speed

We help you manage the maintenance of your equipment: from annual calibration to maintenance operations. We can also send you the necessary consumables (rods, spikes, spike holders...) required for the proper execution of the work in a very short time.

We have the necessary stock and adapted logistic solutions to optimise the availability of your equipment. 


Efficiency and control

Our team manages the supply, assembly, control and shipping of your equipment; relying on a network of French experts.


Proximity and expertise

We support you on a daily basis, from data acquisition to the printing of reports. 

Our support team is based at our site, as close as possible to the designers, manufacturing and shipping unit.

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