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Objective The geotechnical web application Websprint©, developed by Sol Solution, offers a new way of working more collaborative, more mobile and more secured,

It is an alternative to current geotechnical software. It is multi-equipment, accessible from an office or a building site, and very easy to use.

Compatible with Panda®
Compatible with Grizzly®
Compatible with e-Kodiak®
Compatible with light weight deflectometer
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Websprint© improves and simplifies :

  • The storage, security and accessibility of your data
  • Regular updating and improvement of functionalities without intervention on the workstations


Websprint© offers four application modules:

  • Compaction control: quickly edit personalised compaction control reports.
  • Soil investigation: you can combine the data from your in situ tests and geological sections on a single page.
  • Correlations: that allow you to use the results of the Sol Solution penetrometers with other parameters classically used in your country .
  • Plate load test : to process the data of the light wieght deflectometer and the static plate


Websprint© allows you in a few clicks to visualise and geolocate the tests carried out by your company: you no longer have to worry about the traceability of your data.

Websprint© is compatible with Panda®, e-Kodiak®, Grizzly® and light weight deflecometer 

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