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Objective To optimise investigation and geotechnic diagnosis in soils and unbound materials

PANDA® is a lightweight variable energy dynamic cone penetrometer for soil investigation or compaction control

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Built-in GPS
Reading of data and anomalies on site
Several languages available
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PANDA® is a lightweight, variable energy, dynamic penetrometer for compaction control and soil survey. PANDA® is an innovation designed and developed by Sol Solution. As it is portable, you can use PANDA® to perform surveys with vertical or horizontal test orientations or to reach difficult access areas.


For compaction control, the soil resistivity value (in MPa) relative to depth is compared to a case catalogue of required soil characteristics (GtR), soil water status and compaction quality (Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5). It conforms to compaction control standard NF P 94-105.

Panda® software enables automatic calculation of anomalies for all materials while providing an immediate reading on site.


The Panda® is the highest selling dynamic penetrometer used for compaction control.

See the demonstration video on how to use PANDA® for compaction control

Panda® makes it possible to survey sites that are inaccessible by road. It offers multi-level and multi-unit readings in real time. It is compatible with our geotechnical tools.

See the demonstration video of the use of PANDA® for soil investigation



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