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Objective Realize soil investigations or compaction control

GRIZZLY® is a heavyweight constant energy dynamic cone penetrometer used for compaction control and soil investigation.

New associated software : GeoSprint©
Built-in GPS
Reading of data and anomalies on site
compact The most compact on the market
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GRIZZLY® is an innovation designed and developed by Sol Solution.

The drive hammer is integrated into the hammer shaft and requires no supplementary equipment.

The machine can move across all terrains thanks to its track drive system. Installation is extremely easy due to the hydraulic regulation of the hammer shaft’s 4-way movement.

Use conforms to compaction control standard NF-P-94-063. Grizzly® dedicated software makes it possible to automatically calculate anomalies for all materials.

Use conforms to soil survey standard NF EN ISO 22476-2.

The dedicated software makes it possible to use a catalogue of geological sections.


  • Hammer corer
  • Automatic variable energy
  • Torque wrench
  • SPT package
  • Software

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