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Objective Optimising and analysing your soil studies and geotechnical diagnostics in real time

The e-Kodiak® is a lightweight, connected dynamic penetrometer with constant and variable energy.

Reading of data in real time
Several languages possible
Websprint© web application
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The e-Kodiak® and its mobile application were concepted and developed by Sol Solution.

This penetrometer is connected thanks to an acquisition system of penetration measure associated with a mobile application: Sol Solution DCP, downloadable on tablet and smartphone from Google Play or from the Apple Store.

The penetrometer is equipped with 3 rams of 5, 8 and 10 kg allowing to vary the weight and to offer a different penetration power according to the soils.

The mobile application usage allows one person to test and survey the field at the same time, eliminating the need for paper to record the hollow at each impact. By offering the possibility to visualise each point in the field, the results are more reliable and time in the field is reduced.

The association with WebSprint© allows to map the test points and to make the necessary analyses to make the best use of the penetrogram.

The e-Kodiak® is easy to use, fast and all-terrain, and is particularly suitable for soil studies.

See the demonstration video on how to use the e-Kodiak®

The use of the associated digital tools does not require any special skills thanks to a simple interface and intuitive navigation.

It is available in a non-connected version.

Its use complies with the EN ISO 22476-2-DPL standard.


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