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Long term rental

Adopt a PANDA®

Long-term rental offers many advantages

  • An economical solution and an alternative to credit
  • Controlled and predictable costs
  • A package of services included

It is a solution that favours use over possession.

What we offer

The combination of a latest generation Panda® and a service pack for greater tranquillity, flexibility and facilities during and after the worksite.

  • Annual maintenance
  • Technical assistance and troubleshooting D+1
  • Theft and damage insurance included


A Panda® geotechnical diagnostic and compaction control solution + a Websprint© web application for data processing and sharing..

Complementary equipment for the comfort of your employees in the field

- The Panda® mechanical stem extractor

- The lightweight electric thresher for Panda®.

-The lithium battery for the threshing machine


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