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Expansion of roads

Avenue des Belges

Contracting authority :      Agglomeration community of Puy-en-Velay

Prime contractor :              Agglomeration community of Puy-en-Velay

Company :                           EUROVIA (M3S® Work)

                                               ODTP (Masonry facing)

The project concerns the widening of the Avenue des Belges including the development of a "pedestrian and cycle" path as well as a 5.0 m high lookout at PUY-EN-VELAY (43). The support of the land and roads was carried out using M3S® cellular geotextiles.

The structure is backfilled with 0/20 gravel. The latter is based in particular on a former area of buildings demolished at the start of the project. The very low load-bearing capacities and frost-proofing conditions did not allow the installation of an overly expensive reinforced concrete support.

On the front panel, a masonry stone facing rests on a sill at the foot of the structure and does not take up any earth pressure (the latter being supported by the M3S® support).

the agglomeration community of Le Puy en Velay here !

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