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Urban planning and development

Neighborhood Kessler-Rabanesse (63)

Contracting authority :      Ville de Clermont-Ferrand

Prime contractor :               EGIS

Company :                           GUINTOLI

The project concerns the requalification of the Kessler-Rabanesse district in CLERMONT-FERRAND (63). The work includes the construction of two buildings near a listed structure (the Rabanesse Tower). The uneven ground and pedestrian areas are supported by a soil structure reinforced with M3S® geotextiles.

The structure is backfilled with 0/20 pozzolan material to limit the forces transmitted to the ground. The latter covers in particular archaeological remains that made it impossible to build a conventional foundation system (low bearing capacity, compressibility of the ground over time...)

On the front panel, a prefabricated slab facing rests on a sill at the foot of the structure and does not take up any earth pressure (the latter being supported by the M3S® support).

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