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Future NAICM Mexico Airport Project

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Mexico City Airport

Construction of 3 tracks, 5 kilometres long, with their circulation and the platforms giving access to the terminal

The construction of the future Mexico City airport is a real geotechnical challenge.

Located on the former Texcoco lake, a very precise study had to be carried out because the water table is practically on the surface and certain areas can be flooded in times of rain.

It was necessary to multiply geotechnical tests such as CPT, CPTu, SPT, but also PANDA® dynamic penetrometer tests to determine the thickness and characteristics of the surface layer, which plays an important role for the access of construction machinery and the design of pavements and tracks.

To date, more than 500 PANDA® tests to a depth of up to 6 m have been carried out using this economical and easy-to-use technique.

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