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Compaction control, TV inspection and leakage tests

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Inspection of new sewerage networks

Auzat La Combelle (63)

Contracting authority :          City of Auzat La Combelle

Prime contractor :                 Auvergne Etudes

Company :                             Chevalier TP

Sol Solution carried out the inspection of new sewerage networks as part of a project benefiting from a subsidy from the water agency subject to an inspection carried out by a COFRAC-accredited body.

We carried out the following services:

- Compaction controls (23 U.) on the entire wastewater network (according to the NF P 94105 standard)

- TV inspection on sewerage and rainwater collectors (840 ml) and connections (40 U) (according to the NF EN 13508-2+A1 standard)

- Leakage tests on collectors (420 ml), connections (20 U), manholes (7 U) and junction boxes (20 U) (according to the NF EN 1610 standard)

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