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Flood protection dikes

Dikes of Isère, Drac and Romanche rivers (38)

Contracting authority: Departmental Association of Isère, Drac and Romanche

The mission entrusted to Sol Solution takes place before the execution of reinforcement works on the dikes of the Isère, Drac and Romanche rivers.

The objective is to characterize the internal structure of the works and to study in particular the resistance to internal erosion.
Sol Solution took care of taking samples (core bores) and laboratory analyses (granulometry, water content, blue value, permeability and HET erosion test).

The purpose of the HET test is to characterise the internal erosion aptitude of a soil subjected to a hydraulic gradient and in which a preferential internal path already exists (root, discontinuity, differential settlement, etc.).
7 sites were surveyed at depths between 2 and 4 metres. For each cored hole, a HET analysis was carried out as well as a GTR analysis and a permeability test.
A description of the facies with photographic assemblages was made of the opening of the cores.

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