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G2 + G4 Missions (Standard NF P 94-500)

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Dimensioning of nailed walls

Courpière (63)

Location :                              Courpière (63)

Contracting authority :       City of Courpière

SOL SOLUTION was commissioned by the city of Courpière to carry out a G2 and G4 geotechnical study as part of the reconstruction of a 13th century rampart. In order to carry out the work, it was necessary to secure the area by building a nailed wall with earthworks as the work progressed.

The presence of numerous existing buildings in the vicinity, some of which were of a historical nature, meant that movement had to be controlled. The worksite was constantly monitored using topographical targets.

After the safety phase, a reinforced concrete retaining wall based on piles at a depth of 15 m was built. The wall was faced with masonry stones in order to comply with the recommendations of the Architecte des Bâtiments de France.

The cost of the work was approximately 1.5 million euros.

Investigations carried out

  • Geotechnical study G2 PRO by pressure and penetrometric drillings
  • Pile dimensioning
  • Wall stability nailed under TALREN and PLAXIS
  • Validation of the company's calculation notes
  • Follow-up of the work (18 months)

Discover the article published in the magazine " Puy de Dôme en mouvement " concerning the inauguration of the Courpière rampart.

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