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Execution studies for storage tanks

Storage and restitution basin - Quartier des Vergnes - Clermont-Ferrand (63)

Client :                                      NGE GENIE CIVIL 63

Contracting authority :        CLERMONT AUVERGNE METROPOLE

Prime contractor :                 EGIS / GEOTEC

The Bassin des Vergnes is a 15 m deep circular basin built in an urban sector for Clermont Métropole.

In order to build this structure, a wall made of secant piles was constructed as well as a bottom invert anchored by micropiles to resist Archimedes' thrust.

Lateral works, carried out by Berlinoise, were also dimensioned.

In order to set the geotechnical parameters of the modelling, Sol Solution carried out tensile tests within the geological formations to freeze the friction along the micropiles in the Marnes.

Sol Solution carried out the dimensioning of the walls and micropiles of the invert according to the Eurocodes.

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