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Spillway for an existing dam

Construction of the spillway and fish passage as part of the upgrading of a dam and the creation of a small hydroelectric power station in Aubusson d'Auvergne (63)

Contracting authority :          Urban community of Thiers, Dore et Montagne

Sol Solution has been commissioned by the Thiers, Dore et Montagne Urban Community for the G2 PRO geotechnical mission for the project to bring the Aubusson d'Auvergne dam up to standard.

The project included: widening of the spillway, relocation of the fish pass and creation of a hydroelectric plant.

Sol Solution's study made it possible to decide on foundation solutions for the works by integrating the hydraulic constraints linked to the function of each element: exceptional loading of the spillway for events with a 3000 year return period, anchoring of the plant in the river bed downstream of the dam at the level of the hydraulic energy dissipation pit.

Sol Solution proposed the construction of barbicans through the fish passage slab and through the spillway invert to avoid possible overpressure risks. Special measures were taken to isolate the plant site from the river: construction of a watertightness system by means of joined micropiles and installation of a pumping system.

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