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Control of the bearing capacity of micropiles

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Static tensile test on micropiles

Clermont-Ferrand (63)

Client :                                  NGE FONDATIONS
Contracting authority :      VILLE DE CLERMONT-FERRAND

Sol Solution was commissioned by NGE FONDATIONS based in Martignas (33) to carry out static tensile tests on the load-bearing capacity of micropiles at the "La Comédie" site in Clermont Ferrand (63).

These tests were carried out in accordance with standard N FP 94-150-2 on micropiles. Their characteristics are as follows: type III, drilling diameter 250 mm, reinforcing tube diameter 73 mm, with a length between 13.5 m and 16 m and bearing capacities of 17.5 T, 18 T and 30 T in the limit of service state (ELS).
Each micropile has been tested up to 1.3 times their loads at the ELS.

The test consists of applying an axial tensile force to the foundation by means of a jack on a reaction block. The displacement at the head of the micropile is measured in parallel with the applied force (5 steps of 1h are necessary to reach the maximum force).

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