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Dimensioning of the foundations of a narrowing sill on the Auzon River

Basins of the Auzon - Le Cendre (63)

Contracting authority :          CLERMONT AUVERGNE METROPOLE

In order to reduce the flow of the Auzon river in the commune of Le Cendre, Clermont Auvergne Métropole wanted to build two retention basins at the south-west entrance to the commune, on either side of the Auzon (10,700 m² and 1,700 m²), as well as the creation of a narrowing threshold.  

These structures will make it possible to reduce the frequency as well as the level of flooding by controlling the height of water, so that it can flow into the lateral basins located upstream of this threshold.

Sol Solution was mandated to carry out the soundings and geotechnical tests required to build these hydraulic structures.

Two main issues were to be studied:

the diagnosis of the existing dyke, protecting the football stadium of Le Cendre, in case of rising water levels.
the execution of the earthworks and foundations of the structures located near and in the bed of the Auzon (sloping land, with water present).

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