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About us

Sol Solution is a geotechnical consulting company based in the heart of the Massif Central.


Our history

Roland Gourvès, lecturer-researcher at the Clermont Ferrand Polytechnic, carried out research to find a way to study soil in situ in order to achieve more exact results and to reduce survey costs. He came up with the idea for a penetrometer, which makes it possible to directly characterise soil features: in 1992, the PANDA®, an instrumented variable energy dynamic penetrometer, was born.

Specialists in granular environments

The company designs, develops and sells innovative solutions in the field of earthworks compaction control systems, geotechnical surveys, soil consolidation and high-yield diagnostics with low impact soil-structure interaction.
Our company ethos is to use the human and material resources that are suited to the specific demands of the project managers, public works enterprises and infrastructure managers, while maintaining our independence.

Solutions Offered

Engineering is subdivided into 3 large areas:

Upstream construction studies (upstream construction surveys, foundation asessments, dimensioning support systems, etc.),

Construction works management (drainage networks, piles and micropiles), and finally

Service works diagnostics (transport infrastructures, embankments, groundworks).

The company also runs training sessions as an accredited organisation. Sol Solution also designs dynamic penetrometers. These penetrometers make it possible to perform both soil surveys and compaction control. Find out more about our range : PANDITO®, GRIZZLY® and PANDA®.

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